Where Is My Lunch Buddy?...

Life is busy and it is getting hectic everyday. Metros in India are now in a rush to develop modern infrastructure to push the developmental agenda of governments. iPeople are demanding more facilities and better civic amenities. Though India is still an agriculture based economy but its service class is increasing manifold every year. More office spaces are required to keep people in offices to do their jobs. One system is also developing side by side to this service sector i.e. lunch providers. When you move around in Delhi during lunch hours you can easily notice small food joints selling quick lunches to office goers. People move to these joints because they are cheap and a basic level of Indian masala food is always available.  
But these traditional food joints have started witnessing a change. Some enthusiastic people have started selling food thru food trucks.  They are clean and neatly dressed. Many entrepreneurs who worked abroad came back to India and started food chains li…

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