A Must Visit Place In Delhi: Indian Coffee House

Can you imagine a place right in the center of New Delhi where you can have a nice cup of coffee and also spend a couple of relaxed moments? There is a fantastic coffee house nearby to Connaught place and Janpath. Welcome to more than 60 years old Indian Coffee House. People from all walks of life come here for filter or espresso cup of coffee at reasonable rates. Indian Coffee House in Mohan Singh Place was opened on 27th October 1957 by Indian Coffee Worker's Cooperative Society (ICWCS). Now ICWCS have more than 400 coffee houses across India.   Indian Coffee House in New Delhi was once considered a hub for intellectuals. Many writers, artists, journalists, politicians, scholars used to visit here regularly. Though its charm is fading fast but some senior citizens are still regular. Sometimes foreigners also come to Indian Coffee House for a quick snack and filter coffee. Apart from its coffee Indian Coffee House is also famous for South Indian food.  Indian Coffee House is divide…

Gadgets Everywhere... Friends & Family

There is technology everywhere. There are gadget and gizmos everywhere. People especially young blood are buying tech insanely. Youth are spending more time on gadgets rather than together. Many people have already experienced situations wherein a party or in a get together their friends busy checking online status rather than talking, mingling or simply enjoying. 

Very soon markets will be flooded with wearable devices like mobiles, smart watches, mobility chips, AI-based systems. This sounds exciting but it also sends an alarming signal. Huge dependability on gadgets somehow forces people to confine themselves. It creates a virtual world around them. Yes, there are so many benefits with the gadgets but I always felt that we should restrict its uses and start spending quality time with friends and family. Shallowness cannot bring happiness but togetherness can.

Capital Of Dreams Turns Into Capital Of Gas Chamber

Welcome to the capital of gas chamber. Delhi and its suburbs turned into a gas chamber. Look at the photographs. These pics are taken early in the morning (9.30am) when people move for their jobs. In fact, in these conditions people do not move to work, they move to inhale in an open gas chamber. take a look again to the photographs, there are no sunlight, no birds, and no clear sky. Residents of Delhi NCR are experiencing smog and blame game every year. It seems there is no drastic step being taken.  However, the government of Delhi is at least thinking to implement some necessary measures, but there are no concrete and long-term steps being taken in neighbouring states. So, God bless us and hey travellers out there, think hundred times before visiting Delhi in this time of the year.

It's Choking Here..

It's almost 10AM in Noida (Delhi NCR) and its choking to death. The sky is full of SMOG and there is no sign of sunlight. Sky above apartments is not clear. One can easily understand that how much pain it is and how this slow poison is taking our lives every day.

Though national Green Tribunal slammed Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana over bad ambient air quality in national capital region. But it now seems every year NGT do one thing consistently i.e slamming and after that nothing changes. People are in fact living to die a slow death in Delhi NCR.

So Called Babas And Their Religious Activities: How to Check Them?

Article-25 of the Constitution of India gives fundamental right to every citizen of this country a freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion. In short, right to practice, follow or propagate any religion is a fundamental right protected under the Constitution of India but this right is subject to public order, morality and health and to other provisions of this part of the Constitution. Article-25 (2) (a) of the Constitution of India gives powers to the State to make law for regulating or restricting any economic, financial, political or other secular activity, which may be associated with religious practice. Thus, the State is empowered to make law for regulating the other secular aspects of religious activity. 
In the given constitutional background of religious liberty and right of the State to regulate the secular activities of a religious body, one finds himself surprised with the sudden increase in the number of Godmans operating in the field…

Delhi's 104 Year Old Food Paradise

Old Delhi is known for many things. Its ambience, old world charm, narrow lanes always tell a different story. It seems everyone has a quite a story to tell. But one thing which has a penchant for every old and new resident of Delhi is mouth watering authentic ethnic cuisine. There are many joints in and around chandni chowk but Karim's is different.

Street Food In Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk has a distinct flavour during Ramadan festival. Narrow lanes in this area are filled with all type of delicacies. People go for their favourite food hunting in the streets. Life becomes alive in the evening. Take a look at the video for an interesting glimpse.

Where Is My Lunch Buddy?...

Life is busy and it is getting hectic everyday. Metros in India are now in a rush to develop modern infrastructure to push the developmental agenda of governments. iPeople are demanding more facilities and better civic amenities. Though India is still an agriculture based economy but its service class is increasing manifold every year. More office spaces are required to keep people in offices to do their jobs. One system is also developing side by side to this service sector i.e. lunch providers. When you move around in Delhi during lunch hours you can easily notice small food joints selling quick lunches to office goers. People move to these joints because they are cheap and a basic level of Indian masala food is always available.  
But these traditional food joints have started witnessing a change. Some enthusiastic people have started selling food thru food trucks.  They are clean and neatly dressed. Many entrepreneurs who worked abroad came back to India and started food chains li…

An Afternoon at Asia's Largest Computer Market

Few days ago, I accidentally broke my mobile phone's display. It was shattered. I called up mobile company's customer care to know the price of display replacement. Oh boy! It was too much. I thought I can get a new mobile phone in that amount. What was options for people like me? I quickly headed to one of the biggest computer market in capital i.e. Nehru Place.
Nehru Place is near to East of Kailash colony. It is major business and commercial hub in Delhi and it is also known as Asia's largest computer market. But it is known for cheap softwares, latest gizmos, computer peripherals etc. Nothing beats Nehru Place. It is a hub of all tech solutions at one place, but it is also a biggest piracy places of India. Software piracy is so rampant in Nehru Place market that Delhi Government started many initiatives to curb it. But every time it sprung again like mushrooms. It is still flourishing. Business is kicking. 
Pirated softwares, cheap and best softwares-hardwares, genuine s…

Yoga A Way Of Life...

I often think what rejuvenates a normal person...? What fills energy in them...? One fine Sunday, when I saw kids practicing yoga, I realised that this is the one moment which has the power to create so much energy and passion one can think ever. Kid's enthusiasm to embrace new things and simply try it out is so natural. When we grow older, we start pushing this natural ability behind. 
That Sunday, my society's lawn was full of kids. They were practicing yoga on colourful mats and two senior citizens were teaching them. Kids were full of enthusiasm and there were cute competitiveness between them. Some of them wanted to be noticed by yoga teacher but some are very relaxed, it was like 'I am having fun'.  Making yoga as an international event annually on 21st June is really a great thing India has done for the mental and physical health of people. Those who are practicing it daily know that It is easy and very helpful in distressing. Now yoga has been practiced in more …

Who Wants To Be In The Olympics?

Whenever the prestigious Olympic comes after a hiatus of four years, one burning question rises in India - 'Why we as a nation fail in Olympics'. This time is also no exception. But the only differentiator is, first time Chinese media tried to scrutinize the causes behind it. And it is really interesting to know that they are mostly correct in their analysis. Chinese media listed out some reasons in this regard. These are poor health, poverty, lack of infrastructure, popularity of cricket over other sports, lack of information about Olympics in rural areas, vegetarianism, lack of interest among youths etc. In fact, Chinese media lambasted India's always poor show in the world's most grand event. When Chinese are saying anything about India, it is bound to make ripples. But surprisingly Indian leaders, sports ministry and in fact, media too are already aware of these hard hitting facts. 

India is a country of over one billion people. But they are not capable to bring han…

Jobs on India

With the deeper penetration of gadgets into our life, we surely started reading and watching a lot of stuff online. But in the chaos of being everything online, somewhere we are leaving good habits of substantial reading. A good book have the charisma to transcend its reader into a different world. It can unearth the world of knowledge, imagination, passion and wisdom. It's always good to read and learn about great personalities. Their perspective of life is very much different from what an average person usually perceives.  Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs is extensive but one can enjoy every bit of it.  Jobs spent seven months in India roaming in Delhi, Haridwar, villages around nainital and in Manali. According to book, later he said about the trip to India as-

"The people in the Indian countryside don't use their intellect like we do,  they use their intuition instead, and their intuition is far more developed than in the rest of the world".

I Want To Make It Big

There are two types of people in this world. One is pessimist and another is optimist. Sanjay is the second type. He is full of hope for a brighter future. Sanjay is a mechanic and runs a car service center in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  His shop is small but he has really big ideas for life. He recalls that day in year 2000, when his family sold some of their farm land to the government. They got money in the form of compensation. But instead of spending on luxury they built their house and invested in his older brother Rajeev’s car service center business.  That paid off and later Rajeev started pushing Sanjay to learn car repairing techniques.
Sanjay is the second in the family. He has two younger brothers. He smiles and says, he is the only person who went to complete 8th standard in school. But this never bothers him. Sanjay believes more than education one needs to be aware things around them and grab rightful opportunities without hesitating.
Now Sanjay want to take a big leap in the…

Controversial Cartoon On India's Mars Mission (Mangalyan)

New York Times apologised for a cartoon published in its newspaper. Cartoon categorically depicts India's Mars space mission as an attempt to enter into elite club of space missions. Before moving ahead, let’s talk about this cartoon first. 
Controversial cartoon depicts an Indian scientist with a buffalo. Scientist is wearing a traditional Indian attire dhoti and knocking at the cabin where two elite scientists are reading a newspaper. Newspaper's headline writes India's Mars mission. Cartoon depicts how India is trying to enter this elite club of Mars mission where developed countries already have a presence.
Hong Kongbased Cheng has made this cartoon, who is famous for cartoons on world affairs. So what made New York Times to pull out this cartoon? Many readers complained that cartoon is full of racial overtone and mocks India's ambitious mars mission. This is not a first incident and I feel this won't be the last.

What India has achieved from her maiden Mars missi…

Vote Yatra

Its a jouney to understand the political mood of the country. Extensive tour around the country just to take a look how common man is thinking about 2014 Indian general election. People will choose 543 member of parliament during month long, most expensive and extremly tiresome election process. It is thus important to notice whether local issues plays an important role in choosing a leader from a particular constitueny.

Way of life

It seems Tonga is still a way of life in India. It is a easiest and most cheapest mode of transport at many places in the county. This photograph has been taken in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. Visit small towns and anyone can witness how mordern and ancient systems are still present and working fine. A complete paradox...

Anna In America

It is great that Anna is gathering support of NRI's for his anti corruption movement outside India. Leading a parade in New York is also an example in this regard. But the question is how all these efforts will pay dividend in not so far general election which is due next year. It may happen soon also. Anna's movement, if we see correctly, is confined to mostly middle class. And this class has almost minimal role in the democratic process of electing candidates. They always regard Election Day as holiday and confine themselves inside the home or involve in some stupid recreational activities rather than standing in the long queues to cast their valuable votes for a genuine candidate. Their so called aggression is limited to writing on web, liking pages, twitting and lighting candles to support the cause. It is alright to do all these things and nothing wrong in that but, it is also important to do more than that. Till now, middle class’s participation in the election process…

Happy Independence Day

Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day...

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