Rajghat is a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi.
It is located on the banks of river Yamuna.
Gandhi memorial is a black marble platform.
It is surrounded by a beautiful park with labelled trees.
Rajghat is built at the spot of cremation of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation.
An eternal flame burns day at night here.

Jama Masjid: Interesting Facts

At a time more than 25,000 people can offer prayer in this largest mosque of India. Jama Masjid made of red sandstone and marble is one of the greatest structures build by Mughal emperors. Few people know that it took almost 12 years (1644-1656 AD) to build this great mosque of Old Delhi. One can witness the enormity of this massive mosque when sees it for the very first time. Here are some of the interesting facts of one of the greatest mosques of the world:  - More than 5000 workers constructed this mosque 
- It was constructed under the supervision of Saadullah Khan. Saadullah was prime minister or wazir of Mughal emperor Shahjahan

Royal Mosque of Emperors

Its spectacular sight can be viewed from any building in Old Delhi. It stands a high ground for Muslims living India and abroad. Jama Masjid is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture in India. Once a royal mosque of Mughal emperors Jama Masjid was known as 'Masjid-i-Jahan Numa.  Jama Masjid's magnificent courtyard is capable of holding 25,000 devotees. Mughal emperor Shahjahan who built Taj Mahal also build this largest mosque of India.  Jama Masjid has three gates, four towers and 40 meter high minarets. People can climb to the minarets after paying fees. The minarets consist of five storeys, each with a protruding balcony.  Badshahi Masjid (mosque) of Pakistan which was built by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb has a similar architectural plan like Jama Masjid. Travellers visiting this great mosque can hire robes at the north gate which also gives a glimpse of small shops with delicious non-vegetarian food. 

Mysterious Iron Pillar of Delhi

Iron pillar insie Qutub complex still generates a lot of curiocity

It is a 7 meter high iron pillar and weighs more than 6 tonns

The iron pillar has been standing without rusting for over 2000 years

Some say if you encircle it with your hands while standing with your back to it, your wish will be fulfilled

The pillar bears an inscription in sanskrit (Brahmi Script) dating 4th century AD

First Mosque of Delhi

Qutub Minar is India's one of the finest monuments. It is believed that construction of this historical monument was for making calls for prayers
At the foot of the Qutub Minar is Quwwat-ul-Islam, the first mosque built in Delhi
Quwwat-ul-Islam means might of Islam. It is also known as Qutub mosque or the great mosque of Delhi

It is the oldest surviving example of ghurids architecture in India

Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque is similar in style & design of the Adhai-din-ka Jhonpra in Ajmer also built by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak

It is a fact that Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque was built by the parts taken by the destruction of 27 Hindu and Jain temples built during the reigns of the Tomars and Prithviraj Chauhan

Inside Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque indigenous corbelled arches, floral motifs and geometric pattern can be seen

Qutub Minar : Interesting Facts

Qutub Minar is one of the most spectacular monuments of India. It is one of the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. Qutub-ud-Din Aibak built this magnificent minaret in 1193 to celebrate Muslim dominance in Delhi after the defeat of Delhi's last Hindu ruler. It is the highest brick minaret in the world. Qutub Minar is 72.5 meters high and also known as 'Tower of Victory'. 
Some interesting facts -  There are 379 stairs inside the tower leading to the top
The tower has five distinct stories
It has a diameter of 14.32 meter at the base
The first 3 stories are made of sandstone, other remaining are made of marble & sandstone
The top floor was destructed by lightning and rebuilt by Firoz Shah Tughlaq
Before 1974, the general public was allowed to go up to the top floor
Public access was banned after a stampede that killed 45 people in 1981 Construction of this historical monument was for making calls for prayers