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Heat and Environment

Last night I was listening 1963 classic song Aa Chal ke Tujhe Main Lekar chalu.. from the film door gagan ki chanon mei. This beautiful and most hummable song is sung by kishore kumar. It has beautiful, simple yet powerful lyrics which has capacity to engross you completely after so many years. At one moment this song says "Kahi dhoop khile kahin chawan mile, lambi si dagar naa khale". It signifies a time when there was enough plantation on roads, so that long distance travels did not become painful because of scorching heat. But now after 47 years scenario has completely changed, barring few exceptions. Highways has improved. It is now six lane from mere one or two lanes. Long route journey is now comfortable but it is kind of a barren ride on highways. inumerable precious trees has been cut in the name of development and new trees has hardly been planted, resulting in heat and depleting water table. this is a major problem which is hardly getting any attention by our minis…


UPA government's first year achievement in second inning: price rise, inflation, mishandling of naxal problem, disaster in sharm-el-sheikh, telecom controversy and many more. Common man think whenever congress returns in power inflation reaches higher level and continious rise in prices of essential goods makes living more burdensome. Why it is so? An't we a welfare state? Why in the age of liberalisation & privatisation rich are becoming more richer and poor are becoming even poorer? Perhaps answer lies inside the government.