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I Am Kalam: Movie Review

Very few films have the strength to hold and shake your thoughts as did by Nila Madhab Panda’s I Am Kalam. This excellent film is about a small boy who works on a roadside dhaba (restaurant) and desires to go to school like other school going kids. But his family’s compulsions force him to work. What is significant about this film is I Am Kalam never deviates from its track and slowly and steadily develops your curiosity. The boy Harsh Mayar who starred as lead actor Kalam is really a brilliant actor. It is one of those kind of movies which talks about a genuine issue and tells you too very simply and powerfully. Panda’s conviction to direct a movie on right to education is really commendable. I recommend this movie which reminds me of Taare Zameen Par. Both films deal with an issue. The difference here is of budget and scale. The craft of filmmaking is all about to tell the story in a simple and comprehensible manner and on this parameter I Am Kalam leaves behind Amol Gupte’s ‘Stanle…