Bollywood goes super hero way...

Ra.One is not the first film on super hero in India and it won't be the last. Hollywood has seen so much commercial success in exploiting the charisma of these comic superheroes on the box office and this propelled filmmakers across the movie world to bring local super heroes on their silver screen. Earlier attempts on superhero films in India failed miserably. First major success was Hritik Roshan's 'Koi Mil Gaya' and then 'Krrish'. Producer and director Rakesh Roshan in a true sense brought an Indian superhero 'Krrish' first time on Indian celluloid. Though Krrish's character was not from any comic book unlike Batman, Spiderman or Superman movies but he has the superpower to fight evil, fly in the sky and like any Indian hero he can dance with beautiful heroines.
Ra.One is also an attempt to take advantage of this superhero mega market by Bollywood superstar who has pumped all his money to produce this special effect superhero film. Ra.One film heavily depends on copied special effects from Hollywood movies and throws a genuine question on artistic creativity in Indian cinema. Can’t we create original content instead of borrowing, which often our filmmakers call ‘inspired content and treatment’? If we have to still make films on superheroes, then can’t we develop a good genuine character and give him the powers which might be the byproduct of local situations and hence give justice to the craft of film-making.


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