Rockstar: Movie Review

It has an essence of a Rockstar but it is primarily a strong love story about a middle class boy Janardhan Jakhar who falls in love with a high society beautiful girl Heer. After 'Love Aaj Kal' and 'Jab We Met' director Imtiaz Ali once again proved that he has a vision and he certainly knows how to tell a story. This film has everything for youth love, aggression, rebellion and its main character Janardhan Jakhar or Jordan played by Ranbir Kapoor succeeded in essaying the role of a lover and Rockstar with conviction. His aggression with disheveled looks make you believe in his character. He is unpredictable, radical, creative and full of life. A sense of rebel pushes him to do only those things which he believes in. 
Rockstar is full of surprises. Singer Mohit Chauhan who rendered Rockstar's vocals is till now only known for singing slow melodious numbers. But in this film he has surprised everyone by singing high note rock songs like Sadda Haq on Oscar Award winner music director A.R.Rahman. Rahman's music grows on you and leaves a deep impact whether it is ‘Nadaan Parinde’, ‘Katya Karun’ or a sufi number ‘Kun Faya Kun’. The way all songs are interwoven in the story again a worth watching. Director Imtiaz Ali has done a brilliant job. Debutant Nargis Fakhri is also good in her first film but this film only stands for Ranbir Kapoor's marvelous firebrand acting. If he chooses films accurately and do complete justices to them very soon we will see him emerging like a Rockstar. Yes Ranbir rocks... I recommend this film to all those who want to watch a good love story full of emotions with good music...  go must watch it.


  1. We must congratulate Rockstar team for excellent handling of press and media. All the reviews which I have seen have given 4 stars for this superlatively mediocre movie.
    Some real reasons why Rockstar doesnt work.
    1) Too long and predictable
    2) Illogical back and forth flashbacks and flashforwards and events
    3) Absolutely stale story. Imtiaz needs a break
    4) Rockstar as a culture is hard to connect. We, indians have habit to make gods out of celebrities. Wont be comfortable with celebrity showing middle finger to masses
    5) No matter how good Ranbir acts, his personality doesnt suit the rockstar image. He tries hard but simply speaking his looks and body language is bit too a 'softy' kind
    6) New gal is terrible. Dont knw why bollywood is so obssesed with someone from west. Even Ekta Kapoor TV serial actor would do a better justice to her role. When she speaks on the screen....we all YAWN big time
    7) Had high hopes from Imtiaz but now started beliveing that he peaked during 'jab we met' and will survive in the industry for 25 years because of one super sucess.
    Some highpoints of the movie:
    1) AR Rahman.....Sir, u rock. What a background score. Reminds of Roja when camera takes a long shot of snow ladden trees in kashmir and czec republic. And Faya Kun is so soothing..Dunno how u manage to deliver winners one after other..keep it up sir
    2) Mohit success so late but gems glitter no matter what. For some it takes few more years than the rest.


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