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Merry Christmas

It seems Christmas shopping is finally gripping people. Most of the shopping malls are brightly decorated for the occasion and trying every method to lure customers. In fact, this is the time for celebration. Folks forget everything and enjoy. Merry Christmas.

Bharat Ratna For Sachin Tendulkar?

Let’s start with the good news. Now government has notified that excellence in any field of human endeavour could be awarded for prestigious Bharat Ratna Award. Earlier only persons excelling in the fields of literature, arts, public services & science were only eligible for this award. There were a huge demand from the sports fraternity to include sportspersons for the award and the demand was reasonable too. Any person who is selflessly serving the country in his or her respective fields is very much eligible. So why this limitation of only considering four fields for the awards? It is indeed big news.
We have seen many personalities doing extraordinary work in their respective fields but they did not belong to those four categories. Cricket lovers have also demanded Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar. I am not against of it. But my objection is why not go ahead with greatest Hockey player Major Dhyan Chand instead of Sachin in sports. Nobody questions the eligibility of master bl…

Through The Years: Taking A Shot

Sharing two photographs which I have taken from my phone camera in 2006. Both photographs are of Vijaygarh Fort in Sonbhadra in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is near to Banaras (Varanasi) city. In the first photo my cameraman is busy making a beautiful sunset shot. We went there for a story on myths related to old forts. It is a very huge fort with breathtaking view from the top.

Andhra Cuisine

If you love Andhra cuisine you must visit New Delhi's Andhra Bhawan canteen. Recently I went there. It is an excellent place to have Indian style of vegetarian and non vegetarian thali (plate) delicacies. It is situated in the heart of Delhi and cheap & best for budget travelers. The best part is they offer unlimited serving. I must tell you this place is full of visitors during lunch time. People pay for their thali in advance and get food coupons and happily wait for their turn. Look at the third photograph. A man is the red shift is handling all the people waiting for their turn. He continuously calls the coupon numbers and direct people to vacant seats. Waiters quickly clean the tables and serve the food. Location: Hyderabad House, Jaswant Singh Road, New DelhiIndia

Facebook Censorship

Do we live in the era of censorship? No. But communication minister Kapil Sibal's latest offensive to force social networking site facebook to prescreen content denotes just like that. Facebook or other social networking websites like Google plus, Orkut, Twitter etc. gives a great platform to people from all walk of life to express their feelings freely. People connect with each other and share their updates and views on many subjects personal or impersonal. We live in the era of internet revolution where everything is available 24 hours within a click of mouse. Anybody can access anything from anywhere. Content which were hidden is no longer veiled now. It is being shared freely and social networking sites are playing a major role in spreading awareness to the people. It seems Kapil Sibal represents a broader feudal mentality of political class which only wants to hear pleasing things and not comfortable with creative criticism.  We are in the middle of winter session of the parli…

Devanand: R.I.P

My media profession gave me the opportunity to meet legendary actor of bollywood Devanand few years ago. I still remember the day when I went for the Hot Seat show shoot with Devanand. He was amazing and full of life. His enthusiasm and energy was out of the world. Dev Sahab never said no to his fans for autographs and photographs. May his soul rest in peace.

Ipad For Politicians: Pointless ?

We all have seen how our leaders are dependent for their work on assistants. Long time back Indian government provided personal computers to all member of parliament (MP). But till date only few have the knowledge of how they work. MPs are still dependent on assistants for computer related work. Lets say computers are not too user friendly for old fashioned leaders and many of them still find it cumbersome to use. Now Government of India is planning to provide Ipads to its MPs because they are more user friendly and easy to use and it will also limit the use of bundles of papers carried by them. Government will sanction Rs. 50,000 as allowance to 545 member of parliament to buy these tablet devices. 
I am not old fashioned and neither I am against of our MPs using these hi tech gadgets. But the question is: Is it really going to help them in their work? Needless to say all parties are busy in devising the ways how parliament should not function properly? In this winter session alone se…

This Dog Is Lonely...

How many times you feel like screaming out loud? I know people who shared their feelings of loneliness, feeling of someone not there when you need most. It hurts more when you have nothing to do at home and there is nobody except you alone in the confinements of an abode. You go to one room to another, switch on and switch off the TV, surf the net and do all the regular stuff, you prepare tea and wanted to chat to your wife or son or any member of the home but at that particular time nobody is not there for you. You fee sorry and angry at that moment. You want to scream. I felt the same way so many times. In fact, everybody in some way needs companionship, which I feel is the most essential thing for life. There is a dog in my housing society. Who regularly barks between 8.30 - 9.30 AM. He is my neighbor’s dog. A cute Pomeranian breed. Two years ago, they brought him home. The family consists of three member father, mother and a school going kid. They are a happy family and enjoy th…