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What A Ride?

Workers returning from a construction site. They made this huge road roller as their vehicle and everybody has taken a unique place.

Indian Cinema: Coming of Age

India is the largest producer of feature films in the world. Despite this fact, very few films are world standard. Though Indian film industry has become a biggest film industry but very few movies are innovative or very few filmmakers dare to innovate. Most of the producers stick to the formula films which can give them quick return money without much pain. That’s why film lovers often don't have choice for good films. There was a time when in the name of good and meaningful cinema some directors made so called ‘art movies’. These movies had good story lines but pathetic and super slow treatment kept viewers away from cinema halls. Art movies died their own death. But their intellectual impact and liberalization of Indian economy heralded a new breed of filmmakers who believe only in good cinema. Money is not taboo for them. After all film making is a commercial art and if it makes money while essaying the massage then nothing like it. These young directors are experimenting with…

Once A Rebel Always A Rebel

What you can expect from a film? A good storyline, brilliant performances and immaculate direction. Today it is a great challenge for filmmakers to make a film on an athlete turned dacoit when the trend is to make masala movies and rake quick money. We have seen so many films based on Chambal’s dreaded dacoit’s theme in 70’s and 80’s. Almost every filmmaker at that time exploited this theme. With Paan Singh Tomar Director Tigmanshu Dhulia takes a different turn and based his film on a real life character. I am not going to tell you its story but I must say one thing to all movie lovers who believes in good cinema, that this is the film they must watch. It is packed with great direction of Dhuliaand intense acting by lead actor Irrfan. Moreover, the authentic feel of Chambal and its dialect is going to spellbound you.

Nature Through Photographs

Photographs have the power to transcend you into a different world. I was just having a look at some of my photographs. You people may like them. Have a look.