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National Drink: Tea

I don't remember clearly when I started morning tea and whenteabecame a habit in my life. Most of us do not remember this fact but one thing they are sure about is they can't live without their first cup of tea in the morning. My taste for good tea has grown gradually over the years. I started withMasala (spice) chai (tea) and enjoyed every bit of it. In fact, I am still enjoying it as my first cup of tea in the morning.
In 1987 I first saw tea plantation and processing unit inDarjeeling,West Bengalwith my parents. My father is very fond of leaf tea and since I was always keen to know how things happen, my father explained everything about it. I was excited to see the plantation and processing. It was a new type of cultivation for me. I don't remember the name of the tea estate but it was beautiful and filled with small green leafy plants, women laborers were plucking tea leaves and throwing them in the basket at their back was fascinating.Darjeeling Teahas a distinct aro…

A Positive Signal: A Better Future

When you move toDelhiroads you can easily notice many children begging with their parents. It is a bare fact we all come across everywhere in the country which is very sad too. These children do not go to school; they do not enjoy two meals a day like other children. Most of the public take a look at them once and move forward. But these children stays there and their hope for a better future too.  
Though literacy rate inIndiaimproved significantly over the last one decade but we have a long way to go. Over the years after liberalization and privatization Indian economy has shown remarkable growth signs but at the same time it has been noticed that poor have become poorer and rich people have become richer. That means a great divide is building slowly in the country. To check this we need to improve some aspects at the grass root level and one of those things are inclusive education. 
Every child has the right to study and government must facilitate this. Supreme court recently upho…

A Humble Man: A Positive India

Every day brings a new kind of experience and insight. Some days ago I met a man who left a deep impression on my mind. He was in his fifties with hollow eyes and cheeks. His structure was bony and reminded me one of the characters from great Hindi novelist Premchand's novels. Yes, he is a daily wages laborer working almost 12 hours a day and earns around Rs. 250-300 per day. But one thing differentiates him from other people is his positive will and conviction.
He has four sons in his native village nearby Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. All his sons are studying and he is the sole bread earner of his family. In one hour conversation he kept saying that he has only one desire left and that is his children must study and fulfill their dreams. As long as I am alive I will make sure from whatever meager income I have I will support them, he said firmly. His conviction to provide the best of studies he can for his children is rare.
He made a promise to himself long time back to s…