A Positive Signal: A Better Future

When you move to Delhi roads you can easily notice many children begging with their parents. It is a bare fact we all come across everywhere in the country which is very sad too. These children do not go to school; they do not enjoy two meals a day like other children. Most of the public take a look at them once and move forward. But these children stays there and their hope for a better future too.  

Though literacy rate in India improved significantly over the last one decade but we have a long way to go. Over the years after liberalization and privatization Indian economy has shown remarkable growth signs but at the same time it has been noticed that poor have become poorer and rich people have become richer. That means a great divide is building slowly in the country. To check this we need to improve some aspects at the grass root level and one of those things are inclusive education. 

Every child has the right to study and government must facilitate this. Supreme court recently uphold the Right to Education Act, 2009 which says provision for 25 per cent free seats to the poor students in all schools except unaided minority schools across the country. This is the biggest positive and remarkable sign for inclusive education till date. This step will hopefully remove those barriers which a child from a poor family face while seeking admission. 


  1. Yep, agree, that way we will also break the barrier of classes. We are looking into a major social upheaval in a decade as more "poor" children sit along "richer" children. But, Indian system being as corrupt as it is, don't you think they will figure out ways to buck the rule?

  2. completely agree with you Rajnish...but as Bhavana said....the right to education which you highlighted in your post has to first face the walls of corruption... :O
    was a nice read...

  3. Agree with both of you. But as you know anywhere in the world no system is foolproof and no situation is permanent. Only constant thing is change. This new and remarkable step is a big change and we all have to fight the system to make our world a better place to live in. So 'never say die' and keep walking... :)

  4. Your opinion is very much valid Rajnish. But education has become a business these days. I would like to see a downturn very soon to education and as well as health business.

  5. only hope that it is implemented effectively

  6. I hope the government is listening to what you have to say, Rajnish. But why only the government? Even ordinary schools could give scholarships to one or two poor kids in their area if they wanted to - obviously starting in the youngest age group so that the poor students aren't out of their depth with the subjects or the medium of education. (English or Vernacular.)

  7. You see, I landed on your page, from the comment you did on someone's blogpost.. :) its good to link up to more blogger this way and follow them if they write like you choice.. :) coming to your blogpost? you have a nice thought and government should have this as well and as KayEm says, every private school also must be involved.. but nothings working in this corrupt country.. :( I somewhere feel this is not a corruption as well. Its just the spike in population that has happened, in hope of getting just one male child in the family.. :( I have faced so many families where there is on earning member and they have 4 girls childs and a final boy child.. complete shitty thing about gal and boy child... :( so in a race to secure a seat for your requirement, you just pay something more if affordable to you... thats it.. the countrymen are feeling insecure day over day.. its not very far that we would be again colonized, this time not by any englishmen but by the terrorist groups who have no religion.... :( hope to frequent your page as well... well, some self promotion... do drop in at http://jkhona.wordpress.com :)

  8. Quite true. Education is one of the areas which needs to be taken on priority. An educated population is a must to march towards the developed India many of us envision.


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