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Politics And Social Media

Its a power game and there is a constant need to always be in the news. There is a need to be always connected with the people who hold the power to cast the vote and elect. We have a population of over one billion and half of them are young. We have a strong work force to reckon with. These dynamic young people are the first ones to embrace new technology and they are very much active on social media.

Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement is hugely dependent on the power of social media to pull people on streets. Just take a moment and think how many people knew Anna Hazare one years ago. He was a regional icon not a pan Indian one. There was a strong social media campaign behind him. Many political leaders are admitting this very fact that social media can take them to innumerable people instantly and they can directly interact with them too. It is a direct and a huge public relation platform and every political leader wants a pie of it. 

Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Manmohan Singh (PMO…

Water Sports In Goa

Goa is famous for water sports in India. A good number of water sports activities are available on most of the beautiful beaches from Jet Skiing, Para Sailing, Scuba Diving, Dinghy Sailing, Fishing, Water Skiing to Wind Surfing. Recently I went there and enjoyed Jet Skiing & Para Sailing very much on Baga beach. I have one advice for people going for water sports is they must go for it empty stomach as chances of puking increases after full meal.

Vacation Time

What could be more relaxing than a much needed vacation? It was a long due break and we headed for GOA. We never been there and I must say it is a most sought after destination for vacations in India. Though many people told me that this is not the best time to go there because of heat and humidity. But against all good suggestions we went ahead and enjoyed our time there.

Goa is in two parts: north and south Goa. North part is very happening with all type of recreational activities, water sports and night life. This time we confined ourselves on this side of Goa and enjoyed every activity. Though we adventured to Colva beach in south Goa on a rented scooter (Rs. 250/day) which was almost 45-50 KM from our hotel near Candolim beach. Peaceful Colva is the biggest beach in entire Goa and it is quite clean and if you love to walk on the beach with holding your partner's hand then this is the sea side you must visit. I have made a promise to myself that next time I am going to stay i…

Let Me Play...

Though I live in a metropolitan city but I often remember my small hometown in eastern part of the country. We were a bunch of friends...good friends bonded over a lot of playful activities. Summer breaks were a great moment of joy as schools were closed and there were no routines to be followed. From morning till night we used to play most of the times. There were three playgrounds, two big and one small in the vicinity. Morning was for football and evenings were exclusively reserved for Cricket or Badminton. Ah! We had a lot of fun. Sometimes, apart from going to the playground we used to play kabaddi in the gali (Lane) with all boys and girls. Those were golden days. After completing my schooling we moved to Delhi for graduation and post graduation. Delhi was a big cultural shock for all of us but bigger shock was when we observed that children playing in the small colony parks rather going to the nearest playground. And the park was also not meant for their playful activities as …