Politics And Social Media

Its a power game and there is a constant need to always be in the news. There is a need to be always connected with the people who hold the power to cast the vote and elect. We have a population of over one billion and half of them are young. We have a strong work force to reckon with. These dynamic young people are the first ones to embrace new technology and they are very much active on social media.

Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement is hugely dependent on the power of social media to pull people on streets. Just take a moment and think how many people knew Anna Hazare one years ago. He was a regional icon not a pan Indian one. There was a strong social media campaign behind him. Many political leaders are admitting this very fact that social media can take them to innumerable people instantly and they can directly interact with them too. It is a direct and a huge public relation platform and every political leader wants a pie of it. 

Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Manmohan Singh (PMO), Ajay Maken, Kapil Sibbal, Naveen Jindal, Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj, L K AdvaniShakeel Ahmed, Sharad Yadav, Omar Abdullah are some of the political leaders active on social media circles. latest in the list is Trinmool Congress's firebrand leader Mamata Banerjee who used facebook to show her campaign for A P J Kalam's name for country's presidential post. She posted Kalam's letter on the facebook. L K Advani also communicates directly with his followers and readers through his blog. In the coming days some more leaders are eager to explore this new area of promotion and as we know most mobile phones are now coming with pre loaded social media applications like twitter, facebook, google plus etc, the war for self promotion will be fought on these platforms. One estimate shows that by 2014 reach of social media will touch around 50 crore in India and don't forget there will be general election in 2014 too. Political parties are also gearing up to make their leaders more tech savvy to explore this crucial potential.


  1. postingan yang bagus tetang"Politics And Social Media"

  2. Hope the fact that many Indians are tech savvy and able to listen not only to them but to their opposition, a variety of media and to other people makes them realise they need some degree of accountability

    1. That's ture KayEm. Thanks for your valuable insight.


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