Anna On Fast Again

Once again Anna Hazare and his team is fasting for Lokpal in New Delhi. But the mood is different and the momentum seems lost somewhere this time. Last year when Anna started his fast unto death everybody was enthusiastic about the cause but a lot happened since then. Team Anna has been targeted so many times by different agencies on different grounds. But they kept saying that they will come again strongly and won't bow their heads for fight against corruption and will push strongly for Lokpal.
But the biggest letdown happened when a nominal number of public was observed in their fast on Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. This type of movement draws its energy from the public. Last year's fast was historic which noticed great support from all over India in 13 days and compelled UPA government to take step towards anti graft bill. Electronic media also played a significant role in awaring people towards the cause in 2011. Public came from every nook and corner. But surprisingly they were almost absent when instead of Anna Hazare Arvind Kejriwal and Gopal Rai started their movement with fast. More volunteers were seen rather than public.
In first four days Anna was part of the movement but not fasting. And surprisingly electronic media which generated a lot of TRPs broadcasting Anna's fast in 2011 was not at all interested in round the clock coverage. How was this turnaround happened? The absence raised many questions. Though some relief came when Anna started his fast after first four days and Saturday and Sunday noticed greater participation by the public as well as by the electronic media. But whether one agrees or not team Anna seems divided and seems creating a lot of controversies on many fronts. Their remarks on media are now going against them.
I feel, Lokpal is such a big issue and everyone want to see this into reality but I also feel team Anna should conserve and concentrate their energy only to Lokpal and make people believe that they are on the right path. Once they get public's confidence they can bring a great change and I hope that will also change the course of the country.

Photograph Courtesy: Deepak Suryavanshi.


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