Olympic: Where Is The Gold ?

It seems we Indians are very content people be it progress in life or advancement in sports. London Olympic is again a big disappointment and our sports person's repeated failures in big events simply denotes that how much we are lagging behind in every sports. It is the mindset and lack of passion which is responsible more than anything. It is also becoming a major hindrance in performance. I feel, we as a nation always feel that playing in the world's biggest sports event Olympic is itself a big achievement and our coaches, parents and even media say this over and over again to players. And when we say things like this, hunger for an Olympic medal also seems distant somewhere.
Indian Hockey team's poor show in Olympic again raised a lot of concern. But when you compare state of Hockey from the past events it was bound to happen. We lost every match. More than players it was our national coach Michael Nobbs who shattered with their performance and apologized for the zero performance in the Olympic. Insipid performance by Indian sports persons were not limited to only one sport. High hopes were with boxing, lawn tennis, archery, shooting but barring three medal winners (two bronze and one silver) every other fell like sand castle. Saina Nehwal did her best but her opponent in semi final match was way ahead in skills. She bagged first bronze medal in badminton for India and made everyone happy. Undoubtedly Saina was our best hope but Deepika Kumari was too.
Is it the approach towards the game which is letting us down or something else? Why we as a nation are so content with bronze and silver? Why we are not setting our standard for number one position? Why we are always full of praise? Why not we compare ourselves with legends like swimmer Michael Phelps who has won more medals India has ever won? There are so many questions and when there is a question lays answers too. I hope our sports policy makers, coaches and players too pay heed to these things and in coming years give us more heroes with more gold.


  1. बात तो बिल्कुल सही है..
    बढिया लेख

  2. The problem isn't that we don't have talent, it's more about the resources. We are happy praising mediocrity so much that the real diamonds remain in the rough. Add to that the policts of sports.

    I find it funny that ministers give carores of rupees to the people who win something. How about giving that up front (as clearly they have it) so these very people can train better. What about supporting a sport rather than just one individual who after winning is anyways going to get advertisement deals and what not to supplement his income.

    I honestly feel ashamed that such a large nation that claims to be mad about sports does so poorly in tournaments. Countries 1/10 our size with minisicule population win gold after gold yet as you said we are happy with our silver and gold.

    I see people on twitter say I'm proud to be an Indian because someone just won a bronze. Well I am not. I am happy for the sportsperson. I'm glad that my country won something. But proud I am not knowing that this country and it's people can achieve a lot more and are capable too only if everything is done the right way.

  3. hmhm... Honestly one has to agree with Raghav. and yeah, India has largely practiced an approach of pacifism when it comes to areas where it seems to be failing like sports. Yeah, it does seem appropriate to blame the Indian authorities who do not provide better training, better coaching, Indian politicians who always make it a point to interfere but -- I think -- that usually people win because they want to. they strive to. May be our athletes (when compared to others) just don't strive that much!!

  4. Who is at blame..? This has been a haunting question always. We only talk about development but we do not show it. Pathetic to see a country with almost highest population does not win a gold.

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