Team Anna & Road To Parliament

Now India's biggest anti corruption movement for Lokpal is turning itself into a political party. And this is going to raise a lot of questions as well as hope. Today is the new beginning for team Anna who is leaving behind their 16 month long movement and heading towards forming a new political party who will contest 2014 general elections. Team Anna's hopelessness in transporting a change in the system by bringing Lokpal into reality ultimately resulting in fighting with the system by forming a political party. But how much this decision is right only time will tell. Those big words by Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and other team Anna members are very catchy and impressive for public but in reality it is looking more like a mirage where goal seems always far.

It has been said and most of the time it was observed that face saving exercise for team anna forced them to take this decision of forming a political party. It was clear the real croud were not present at the venue when they started their hunger strike at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. Timing was not right for fast or people became disillusioned this time? Team Anna did not bring anything new with the pattern of the hunger strike (Anshan) and it became repeatative and many observed that their fast has become very predictable. Their fast at August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai was almost a flop show. So what was much needed was a new pattern for this anti corruption movement like meeting people and building confidence in them by visiting every corner of the country and simultaneously creating an atmosphere for a bigger movement. That step would have a bigger impact than the previous one.

I am not against anybody with a clean image entering into politics which governs our life daily. In fact, I am very much delighted that team Anna is gearing up for a political party where good people are highly required to clean the system. But this is not an easy task and road to parliament is full of thorns. Political parties are not run only by big words but they also require ideology and money. By forming a political entity team Anna must clear their views on Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Naxalism, terrorism, foreign policy, price rise etc. issues. The biggest question is where they will arrange the funds for elections. Now it is not just about the movement but it is also about the entering into the system where they also have to prove that their images are clean and clear like mirror and they are away from any controvery. At last we can say with the end of team Anna's fast a new dawn is arising. Really... ?



  1. Team Anna's realization of the deep-rooted imperbeality of corruption in our public life seems to have come a tad too late in the day.
    Before venturing into any kind of 'fast' show after the first, Team should have debated out and agreed on a well thought out plan.
    In fact, thier target in the last set of assembly elections - the ruling party , Congress - also had made thier task more difficult becuase now they had an opponent that was antagonised and deeply hurt as well.
    In my view, what is required to be done now is to use all kinds of public fora to drum up awareness to VOTE for a candiadate known to have been using fair, transperent and honest practices in the public life during the electionareeing period of each and every future elections.
    Unless Team Anna is very clear about thier objectives and goals, they are likely to choose the game plans which may not meet with desired results. They should realize that any more failure of thiers, makes the task of eradicating corruption that much more impossible, for any one .

    1. You are right when you say 'Team Anna' should have debated out and agreed on a well thought plan. Now they seem confused and many are thinking this step as betrayal. Even prominent social activists are in view they should not deviate from their path.

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  3. hmhm..... With some points you have made yeah, I do have to agree. With some, not really. Yeah, I can agree that Anna's team must have had ad clear plan before venturing into their series of fasting but I think it's only fair to give them some time to adapt to the present mind set of the Indians.

    And yes, I am hopeful for the coming elections -- but there is a lot to do and I just would really like to see anna's team up to the task.

  4. terimakasih atas infonya,,,
    tentang Team Anna & Road To Parliament
    semoga bermanfaat


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