Weak V/S Meritorious Students

What could be more important for a parent to provide rightful atmosphere for study, sports and overall growth to his/her kid? When a child starts going to school a new chapter of life unfolds and a new beginning for his/her parents also takes place with happiness and so many sparkling dreams for a great future. First time, child steps out from the security of their confined secure spaces and steps into a new world, they make friends for lifetime, play various games and start learning the books of knowledge. For the first time parents as well school notice the inclination of a student's mind. Over the years children develop their choice of area to grow be it sports, studies or any other extra curricular activities. Here comes the role of schools and parents to let them do whatever they want to pursue.
But an unhealthy trend has been noticed over the years that many grade hungry private schools often force weak students to leave after class IX so that a school can remain maintain a good percentage of meritorious students in board exams. It is a completely unethical practice and clearly denotes where our current education system is heading. Examples show us that only focusing on high marks in exams can in fact, hinder a child's overall progress. This unethical practice is in fact rampant in many private schools. For the first time Human Resources Development Ministry is coming with a legal proposal to term these practices as MALPRACTICE. HRD ministry is working on a bill in this regard (expulsion and transfer of weak students).
I hope this positive step by government will start bringing some smile on those student's faces that are not good in studies but always wanted to pursue some other areas of interest where they can excel.


  1. you raised a very important issue..I too had a couple of friends who had to leave school in class IX since they were not too bright..it really becomes difficult for the students to go and adjust in a new environment and also prepare for the board exams in the same time..

  2. postingan yang bagus tentang Weak V/S Meritorious Students

  3. Well Said, In todays scenario its tough finding a school that exists solely for imparting education. It has become a business like anything else. Sad!

  4. A lot is also changing now. I cannot comment about the higher grades but in the lower ones I think "weak" and "strong" students are encouraged ... at least in my daughter's school there is nothing like a "weak" students, but more of special needs kids.


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