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Kumbh Mela Sponsored Coming Soon

What is the similarity between worlds's biggest religious fair 'Kumbh Mela' and a great football or a Cricket match? One must be wondering about this stupid question. Though there is no similarity but there is one great difference and that is sheer scale of commercialization. Football or Cricket lovers can watch their favorite match on a specific television channel by paying some amount to their service provider but they can't watch it on every sports channel as they are not free to watch and other channels are not permitted to cover it. On the other hand, everyone, every media print or television is free to go and cover it. There were no restrictions as such till now on this most world's biggest religious fair which attracts millions of people. Kumbh Mela attracted largest number of people every 12 years and estimates say that in 2001 more than 40 million people gathered on a single day and this volume will even be greater in year 2013. Now, Uttar Pradesh governm…