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Controversial Cartoon On India's Mars Mission (Mangalyan)

New York Times apologised for a cartoon published in its newspaper. Cartoon categorically depicts India's Mars space mission as an attempt to enter into elite club of space missions. Before moving ahead, let’s talk about this cartoon first. 
Controversial cartoon depicts an Indian scientist with a buffalo. Scientist is wearing a traditional Indian attire dhoti and knocking at the cabin where two elite scientists are reading a newspaper. Newspaper's headline writes India's Mars mission. Cartoon depicts how India is trying to enter this elite club of Mars mission where developed countries already have a presence.
Hong Kongbased Cheng has made this cartoon, who is famous for cartoons on world affairs. So what made New York Times to pull out this cartoon? Many readers complained that cartoon is full of racial overtone and mocks India's ambitious mars mission. This is not a first incident and I feel this won't be the last.

What India has achieved from her maiden Mars missi…