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I Want To Make It Big

There are two types of people in this world. One is pessimist and another is optimist. Sanjay is the second type. He is full of hope for a brighter future. Sanjay is a mechanic and runs a car service center in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  His shop is small but he has really big ideas for life. He recalls that day in year 2000, when his family sold some of their farm land to the government. They got money in the form of compensation. But instead of spending on luxury they built their house and invested in his older brother Rajeev’s car service center business.  That paid off and later Rajeev started pushing Sanjay to learn car repairing techniques.
Sanjay is the second in the family. He has two younger brothers. He smiles and says, he is the only person who went to complete 8th standard in school. But this never bothers him. Sanjay believes more than education one needs to be aware things around them and grab rightful opportunities without hesitating.
Now Sanjay want to take a big leap in the…