Who Wants To Be In The Olympics?

Whenever the prestigious Olympic comes after a hiatus of four years, one burning question rises in India - 'Why we as a nation fail in Olympics'. This time is also no exception. But the only differentiator is, first time Chinese media tried to scrutinize the causes behind it. And it is really interesting to know that they are mostly correct in their analysis. Chinese media listed out some reasons in this regard. These are poor health, poverty, lack of infrastructure, popularity of cricket over other sports, lack of information about Olympics in rural areas, vegetarianism, lack of interest among youths etc. In fact, Chinese media lambasted India's always poor show in the world's most grand event. When Chinese are saying anything about India, it is bound to make ripples. But surprisingly Indian leaders, sports ministry and in fact, media too are already aware of these hard hitting facts. 

India is a country of over one billion people. But they are not capable to bring handful of medals from Olympics. India's sports federations are run by bureaucrats and ministers who have zero knowledge about games. What could be more inglorious for country is that Union Sports minister of India Mr. Vijay Goel was threatened by Rio 2016 organising committee to cancel his accreditation on grounds of misbehavior and trying to enter venues with his entourage without no valid passes. Though minister rejected these allegation but this can easily explain how much India is serious about promoting sports in the country where leaders grab every single opportunity to just go to the games in a foreign country with their huge entourage which has no interest in games. Their only intention and attention were to have free dalliance.

But despite all odds, individually some sportspersons are making the difference. Yes they are few but their success at many international tournaments brought some hope and government attention. But government and their machinery have a lot of things to do to develop a fair sports atmosphere in India. There are many budding talents but their hard work always goes in vain. Government has to keep its eyes wide open and start striking right notes to bring hope among sportspersons.  


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