An Afternoon at Asia's Largest Computer Market

Aisa's Largest Computer Market
Few days ago, I accidentally broke my mobile phone's display. It was shattered. I called up mobile company's customer care to know the price of display replacement. Oh boy! It was too much. I thought I can get a new mobile phone in that amount. What was options for people like me? I quickly headed to one of the biggest computer market in capital i.e. Nehru Place.
Nehru Place is near to East of Kailash colony. It is major business and commercial hub in Delhi and it is also known as Asia's largest computer market. But it is known for cheap softwares, latest gizmos, computer peripherals etc. Nothing beats Nehru Place. It is a hub of all tech solutions at one place, but it is also a biggest piracy places of India. Software piracy is so rampant in Nehru Place market that Delhi Government started many initiatives to curb it. But every time it sprung again like mushrooms. It is still flourishing. Business is kicking.  
A Busy Day At Nehru Place
Pirated softwares, cheap and best softwares-hardwares, genuine softwares-hardwares, lost materials, tech solutions etc all these things will start approaching to you once you enter into this huge market. Touts and street hawkers will notice you & your sack and without asking what you are looking for they will start giving you solutions, which will be cheapest in the country for sure. Pirated softwares are so cheap that you can get a Windows 10 OS in just INR 100 and you can also get it installed on your system in another INR 100 or 200. 
Pirated Softwares At A Throwaway Price
I do not support piracy and it can not be justified by any means. But companies must also think that overpriced stuff also paves the way to piracy. People want genuine products but not with injustice price company demands. By the way I got my mobile phone's display replaced in just one third price. 


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