A Must Visit Place In Delhi: Indian Coffee House

Can you imagine a place right in the center of New Delhi where you can have a nice cup of coffee and also spend a couple of relaxed moments? There is a fantastic coffee house nearby to Connaught place and Janpath. Welcome to more than 60 years old Indian Coffee House. People from all walks of life come here for filter or espresso cup of coffee at reasonable rates. Indian Coffee House in Mohan Singh Place was opened on 27th October 1957 by Indian Coffee Worker's Cooperative Society (ICWCS). Now ICWCS have more than 400 coffee houses across India.  
Indian Coffee House in New Delhi was once considered a hub for intellectuals. Many writers, artists, journalists, politicians, scholars used to visit here regularly. Though its charm is fading fast but some senior citizens are still regular. Sometimes foreigners also come to Indian Coffee House for a quick snack and filter coffee. Apart from its coffee Indian Coffee House is also famous for South Indian food. 
Indian Coffee House is divided into three parts on the IInd floor of Mohan Singh Place. Two parts have covered spaces with chairs and tables. The third part is a huge terrace with a great view. Famous restaurants like McDonald and Barista are also nearby but people visit Indian Coffee house for its nostalgic feel and reasonably priced snack items. Its look is also not awesome. It has no air conditioners but there are some working old styled fans. So if you want to have a slice of history then do visit Indian Coffee House. It is very much approachable from Rajiv Gandhi Metro Station. It takes only 10-minute walk from the metro.  


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