Jama Masjid: Interesting Facts

At a time more than 25,000 people can offer prayer in this largest mosque of India. Jama Masjid made of red sandstone and marble is one of the greatest structures build by Mughal emperors. Few people know that it took almost 12 years (1644-1656 AD) to build this great mosque of Old Delhi. One can witness the enormity of this massive mosque when sees it for the very first time. Here are some of the interesting facts of one of the greatest mosques of the world: 
- More than 5000 workers constructed this mosque 

- It was constructed under the supervision of Saadullah Khan. Saadullah was prime minister or wazir of Mughal emperor Shahjahan
Jama Masjid's Dome & Minaret
Entry gate of Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid's Dome & Minaret
- Imam Bukhari from Bukhara, Uzbekistan inaugrated it on 23rd July, 1656

- It remained the royal mosque for Mughal emperors until the end of Mughal period

- After the revolt of 1857, British confiscated Jama Masjid and stationed their soldiers here

- British wanted to demolish it, but due to opposition demolition was not done

Nowadays a lot of non-vegetarian eateries are functioning in the adjoining area. People from all over Delhi come here regularly to enjoy rare delicacies

But what is a major put off for people who care for hygiene is lack of cleanliness and basic amenities

Jama Masjid's one of entry gate faces to iconic Red Fort, which was also build by Mughal emperor Shahjahan
Nearest Metro Station - Jama Masjid Metro Station

Timings - 7AM - Noon, 1.30 - 6.30PM (Tourists are not allowed during prayer hours)

Best Time to visit - Morning hours

Entry - Free

Photography - Chargeable 

Must visit nearby - 
Karim Restaurent
The Red Fort
Chandni Chowk


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